Wer wie was?

Mensch sein ist vor allem die Hauptsache. Und dass heißt: fest und klar und heiter sein, ja heiter trotz alledem und alledem, denn das heulen ist Geschäft der Schwäche (…) Die Welt ist schön bei allem Graus und wäre noch schöner, wenn es keine Schwächlinge und Feiglinge auf ihr gäbe.

{Rosa Luxemburg // Aus einem Brief an Mathilde Wurm}

„Michael is a highly organised, efficient and versatile individual. He has tremendous project management and interpersonal skills, which endears him to colleagues and clients alike. He is also technically proficient with respect to IT issues which I know is fuelled by his keen interest in that area.“

Akmal Bhatti

Work Life Home
DII is a medical market research company based in Leipzig, Germany. I’m working there since its beginning in 2006, being responsible for „the computers“ and „the internet“, literally. Starting from maintaining local machines and server systems, I’ve been part of developing a contact database tool, questionnaire systems, websites, project guidelines and many more. Now I’m managing projects there. Somewhere between work, children and women, there is this restless part of me, always curious enough to find new books, music, websites and stuff. Most of it will be found on Twitter. Since 2006 this website is part of myself. I was a blog once, but hey, GDPR. You will also find me on other parts of the web, but this is my home, still.


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